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Putting accounts for about 40% of your overall score, yet we spend less than 10% of our time practicing it. I drives me crazy when I go to the golf course and see the driving range full and the practice green empty.

As we move closer to the golf season take some time to work on your putting game. You don’t need a large area, just a piece of carpet, your putter and a few golf balls.

In putting like every other shot in golf practice a step by step routine. Whether you are playing with friends and family your routine should never vary. By sticking to your routine you keep your mind on the task at hand-visualizing how to stroke the putt so as it goes into the hole and avoid any negative thoughts. It also helps with setting up the same way every time, which makes for a more consistent stroke.

This season commit to this: keep your eyes over the ball at address, and your head absolutely still though out the stroke. Keep your head still for 3 seconds after the ball has been struck. You don’t have to watch the ball fall into the hole, you will hear it drop. It’s a great sound.