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You, Yourself and Rhona.
Private lessons are available with Rhona for one-on-one, couples or group instruction. Call Rhona at 780-518-0248 to book a private lesson.

30 Minute Lessons: One-On-One
1 x 30 Minute Lessons: $60
4 x 30 Minute Lessons: $200

30 Minute Lessons: Learn with a Friend
1 x 30 Minute Lesson: $80
4 x 30 Minute Lesson: $210

1-Hour Lessons: One-On-One
1 x 1 Hour Lesson: $100
4 x 1 Hour Lesson: $360

1-Hour Lessons: Learn with a Friend
1 x 1 Hour Lesson: $120
4 x 1 Hour Lessons: $380

More friends? Bring them along. Ask about custom lesson packages for your group. Custom lesson packages are ideal for corporate events, pre-corporate tournament improvement, or a day away from the office.

Note: Lessons denoted with a * are full and not accepting registrations.


When chipping 60% of your weight should be on your front foot. Always finish with your entire body facing the target.