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Learn to Play, Play to Learn

Children learn very differently than adults. In fact, the main style of learning for young children is through play. Blending goals with challenge, imagination, and self-discovery create the basis for a child’s learning environment. Research shows that people who self-discover a concept are more apt to embrace and ‘own it’ more fully than being told what and how to execute something by another person.

The learn to play, play to learn concept is very important at When we teach golf we like to teach the whole game. When we teach children we like to show them how to play the game by incorporating games that resemble situations out on the golf course. Let’s not line our children up across the driving range to hit golf balls, why not assist them in self-discovery, and encourage imagination. At the junior golf camps, our junior golfers are encouraged to be creative, to experiment and learn for themselves discovering what works best for them.

At the junior golf programs we help kids build a love of the game that will last a life time.

Rhona is an LPGA Class “A” teaching professional, and is the owner of

I learned so much in the two short hours in New2Golf and Rhona really did a phenomenal job. I went golfing last night to put into practice what I had learned, and it was the first time I have ever been out that I truly and fully enjoyed myself. Rhona is a great asset to have at the Bear Creek golf course, not only will I be recommending her to all levels of golfers but I will be coming back as well. I was beyond satisfied with the lessons, and my only regret is that I didn't do them sooner!
Taylor G